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Home Automation System

Product Details:
  • Application: Home Automation System and services
  • Brand: Aayati
  • Model Number: 882800198

With the consistent aid and support of the experts, we are able to manufacture and supply a wide range of Home Automation System.Home Automation System is the integration of the home and household activity on a smart device may be a smart phone or TAB.This integrated system provides improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, safety and security.


  • Used to control of lighting, HVAC, appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security


  • Centralized control of lighting
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • AV Devices (like TV, STB and Home Theatre)
  • Appliances-Geyser Control
  • Security locks of gates and doors, CCTV cameras and other systems.


  • Control of Lighting can be done in terms of creating different light scenarios using many light fixtures, lights with different colours can be integrated and sequence for MOOD Lighting can be created for e.g. Red, Green and Blue colours can be combined to create colourful scenarios.
  • HVAC and Entertainment devices (AV Devices) like TV, STB and Home Theatre can be controlled with a single remote i.e. Smart Phone or Tab, which not only performs ON/OFF feature but changing temperature as per requirement for ACs and changing music streaming or channels in terms AV devices.
  • Motion sensors can be installed inside washrooms and common areas where electricity can be saved and commuting inside the house is convenient.
  • Security can be controlled and monitored using our system integrating CCTV cameras and Video door phones. You be in any part of the world, monitoring and access control in your house is just a touch away.

Agro Automation

Irrigation facilities are increasing as per the need and change in technological trends, but watering of farms is still a cumbersome job which requires creating a network of sprinklers which operate on time basis. These sprinklers dispense water at usual times but still water management becomes an issue in long run. To avoid this scenario we have agro automation solutions which are smart and effective.


  • For agriculture automation, watering of farms using automated sensor based sprinklers is one of the best energy saving and efficient solutions.
  • Timing of these sprinklers with respect to the water density in soil is one of the smartest and quickest solutions for farming. It detects the moisture density and dispenses water as per requirement.
  • Simultaneously water pumps can be managed and automated as per the requirement in the agriculture industry. This works with respect to the amount of water necessary for farming.



Home Security and Safety Solutions

Security and Safety plays an important role in this century. Everyone is concerned about the protection of their family members.At Aayati Security Solution we provide exactly the same, 24x7 Secured environment for your loved ones. At Aayati Security Solution we provide technologically advanced protective shield, which secures your family from dangers like fire hazards, gas leaks, and hostile intrusions. It ensures safety and security at your finger tip.

Access Control System -

Access Control Cystems perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans and physical or electronic keys.


CCTV Monitoring from Hand held device such as smart phones/ tabs.

CCTV camera integration with third party products with operation handling from hand held device such as smart phones/tab.

Fire Detective & Alarm System -

Fire Detective & Alarm System can trigger an alarm in case of smoke occurrence. The device will also send a message on your registered number

Gas Auto lock System -

Gas Leak Detector Module can alarm whenever gas leak occurs with a message on your registered number also auto shut valve system will cut off the gas supply to avoid any mishaps.

Door lock control -

Open the door/ Close the door with just a tap on your mobile phone. From wherever you are – office, car or movie theatre... No more hassles of giving keys to your maid or worrying about your children losing it.

Intrusion Detection -

Intrusion Detection will trigger an alarm in case of trespassing. If anybody trying to open the door or break the window will make the system alert and send alarm signals along with sending you a message on your registered mobile number.

Occupancy Sensor System -

Occupancy Sensor System will help in saving the electricity by switching the lights on and off as per human presence.

Energy Saving Solution

Energy saving solution
Helps in saving energy at house and office

CCTV Monitoring

Product Details:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Camera Technology: Analog Camera, Digital Camera, IP Camera
  • IR Range: 10 to 15 m, 15 to 20 m, 20 to 25 m
  • Pixel: 40 mega pixel

CCTV Monitoring from Hand held device such as smart phones/ TAB -


CCTV camera integration with third party products with operation handling from hand held device such as smart phones/ TAB.


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AT20131

Curtain Automation Systems

Curtain control is one of the best features of Home Automation System.
Curtain Automation allows you to open and close the curtain, and even stop the process in between just by a click of a button on your phone


  • Usage: Commercial and household 
  • Control: Remote
  • Open /Close: automated 

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Item Code: AT4710

Building Management System (BMS)

Aayati Automation specializes in automation and control systems for residential and commercial projects.We provide complete Automation Solutions under one roof like , Building Management System, with a single touch on your Smart Phone. 

Building Management System is a mixture of standalone as well as centralized system to control monitor systems such as surveillance system.

For such security related problems smart BMS system can be installed which can work 24x7 provide a secure environment. It helps reduce running costs increase the efficiency of your building. 

The solutions we offer are-

·         Water Consumption Motioning and Reporting

·         Electricity Consumption Motioning and Reporting

·         Centralized CCTV Motioning System

·         Gard Motioning System

·         Gate Motioning System

·         Lighting solutions for landscape Automation

Motion Sensors

Product Details:
  • Brand: Aayati Automation

Sometimes we forget or don't notice that we've left the lights on, use Automatic light control system to automatically turn lights on and off as needed, and save energy.

The automatic light control system switch is practical and helpful, particularly in passages such as hallways, staircases, washrooms, etc. It ensures that the light is switched on automatically when someone enters the room and switches it off again when the room is exited, offers more safety in the dark by automatically switching on an orientation light when motion and body heat is detected in the far range.Automatic lighting control turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Thus, saves energy by reducing operating time automatically.

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